Borderless money for a borderless economy.

PayCircle is a DeFi payment application built for global businesses and individuals. PayCircle allows users to securely Custody, Send & Receive multi-currency Fiat and Digital assets anytime & anywhere, 24 x 7 and 365 days. It is designed to integrate the world’s financial systems on a single network.

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Lend. Borrow. Grow.

CreditCircle is a DeFi finance application enabling businesses and individuals to escrow stocks, bonds, commodities, and digital assets to avail a line of credit at relatively low-interest rates compared to traditional financing. CreditCircle enables peer-to-peer (p2p) lending, connecting individuals and financial institutions without borders.


Diamante Powered dApps.

Diamante dApps are applications that focus on building financial services using DIAM. They offer the likes of limitless payments, lending, and borrowing. Our dApps have unique qualities as they inherit Diamante Net’s superpower. So explore the impossibilities, build innovative dApps, and transform the way you do your business.

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Diamante Net

Empowering Your Digital Future.

Diamante Net is a technology that lets you conduct financial transactions using its native digital asset DIAM. It also allows to send and receive DIAM through its secure and faster digital wallet. It powers applications everyone can use without relying on a single authority catering to its true pseudonymous architecture. Diamante Net is open to everyone. Join the community and start building with it to empower your businesses.

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Diamante Consortium

Where Luxury Meets Innovation

The ecosystem created by us is the first-ever consortium of luxury goods and services stakeholders where members get connected through a secure, blockchain network. Join the most advanced and fastest-growing community within the diamond space to elevate your businesses to higher verticals.

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