Diamante Blockchain Makes Huge Impact at JCK Las Vegas 2019

Diamante Blockchain Makes Huge Impact at JCK Las Vegas 2019

JCK Las Vegas 2019 – the largest jewelry convention in the world – is one of the most anticipated events for business and networking in the diamond space. It draws 30,000 of the world’s most influential industry professionals with their expertise and insight into the world of diamonds, and Diamante emerged as one of the most promising proponents of the technology that will change the way the diamond industry does payments and financing. Diamante team members Dinesh Patel, Erik Jens, Chirag Jetani, Kishan Vaghasia attended the conference along with Sam Proctor and Andrew Pedvis attending on behalf of Genesis Block, a leading blockchain-focused services platform.

Diamante Consortium has brought diamond industry participants across verticals– from mining companies to jewelers, polishers, manufacturers, retailers and end customers – on a unified platform to trade directly with each other. The consortium itself is built using Distributed Ledger Technology which makes transactions made on the blockchain network (Diamante Net) traceable, and reliable. Diamante has also introduced Diamante Corporate Payment which enables real-time and low-cost settlement of payments.

The innovative implementation of the tech by Diamante demonstrates the adaptability of blockchain to suit the needs of the diamond industry as well. Implemented at scale, it would bring an unprecedented level of efficiency to diamond-based payments and finance.

Chirag Jetani, COO of Diamante Blockchain said, “JCK unites a community that is shaping the future of the jewelry industry. Needless to say, the participants of the event are all forward-thinkers and open to explore the latest tech offerings to improve the jewelry sector. Our efforts with blockchain garnered a lot of interest and it’s evident that we will see broader adoption of Distributed Ledger Technology in the industry pretty soon.”

Sam Proctor, Chief Executive Officer of Genesis Block, said, “We are motivated by the belief that Distributed Ledger Technology has the potential to impact supply chains across the economy, and diamonds are no exception. Diamante is clearly establishing itself as a leader in leveraging this technology to make the diamonds payment ecosystem more efficient and cost-effective.”

Erik Jens had his own observation to share, “At the JCK show there was a clear trend in understanding the opportunities technological ecosystems, such distributed ledger technology, offer with respect to driving efficiencies, connectivity, and collaboration, elements needed to enhance profitability but as important enhancing consumer trust and confidence in jewelry. After all, tomorrow’s customer is tech-innate, collaborative and global-minded, ethical and keen on social media online shopping.”

JCK is organized for order writing, inspiring education, and networking and functions as a premier destination to discover the latest trends designs in expansive collections of jewelry, gems, timepieces, and related services. The flagship event at Las Vegas had 2,300+ exhibiting vendors from around the globe, specializing in timepieces, loose gemstones, equipment, supplies, technology, security, and business solutions. It was attended by 23,000+ individual retailers, and 9,400+ retail stores ranging from independents, majors, department stores, boutiques and galleries, 23% of which were from brands from outside of the United States.

About Diamante Blockchain

Diamante Blockchain LLC, the USA-based diamond consortium is your one-stop destination if you are looking for result based diamond supply chain management. Diamante provides a secure ecosystem for network participants to make online payments and obtain a line of credit with ease. Together, the expanding body of specialized services provided by Diamante creates a unified marketplace for players across the diamond industry – from mining companies to cutters, polishers, certifiers, manufacturers, retailers, and end-customers. Built on Distributed Ledger Technology, Diamante Blockchain promises its clients and members complete transparency, assured quality, and cost-effectiveness in trade and transactions within its network.

The first-of-its-kind marketplace for the Gem and Jewelry industry enables trade through smart contracts. The consortium operates in compliance with Kimberly Certified norms, Anti-money laundering (AML), and the USA Patriot Act.

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