Diamante Blockchain Consortium Is Launching A Dedicated Media Section For Crypto And Other Industries

Diamante Blockchain Consortium Is Launching A Dedicated Media Section For Crypto And Other Industries

Diamante Blockchain Consortium has gone beyond just bringing together players in the diamond industry and launched a media section to keep website visitors up-to-date on the latest developments in its sector. The blockchain space and the jewelry and gems sector, unlike many other sectors, has a customer base that need not include experts in the fields. Unfortunately, this has a downside. The lack of adequate understanding of the happenings in the diamond industry and technologies that directly affect the quality and price of diamonds and diamond jewelry often leads to a buyer paying more than that particular product’s worth. It may even end up in a consumer unknowingly funding crime and unethical practices occurring especially in conflict zones.

Similarly, the awareness of blockchain and the potential of the technology to assure the quality and authenticity of a diamond are very limited among the mass. Chirag Jetani, the COO of Diamante Blockchain, explains, “The expert team of developers and thought leaders at Diamante have focused their efforts to resolve both these issues through a regularly updated Media section. This page abounds in blogs, articles, and videos created by skilled market analysts and blockchain professionals who bring together both these worlds in their productions. The aim remains to educate consumers on existing methods and techs they can rely on and look out for to procure diamond goods of the best variety.”

The media section is updated regularly with fresh content that brings key insights and trends to inform readers on national and international issues in the diamond industry. The globally relevant content is meant to generate a broad audience spanning every demography with an interest in precious gems and tech. Simplified yet informative infographics, commentary from industry veterans and entrepreneurs, and the latest market statistics are put together in brief and lucid pieces.

Diamante Blockchain believes that the path to invigorate the diamond industry is by building trust in it once again, and this can be done by educating the masses on where and how to purchase the best quality diamonds. Diamante is open to collaborating with publications and media houses that focus on the developments in the diamond industry and the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

About Diamante Blockchain:

Diamante Blockchain LLC, the USA-based diamond consortium is your one-stop destination if you are looking for result based diamond supply chain management. The consortium provides a unified marketplace for players across the diamond industry – from mining companies to cutters, polishers, certifiers, manufacturers, retailers, and end-customers. Built on Distributed Ledger Technology, Diamante Blockchain Consortium promises its clients and members complete transparency, assured quality, and cost-effectiveness in trade and transactions within its network.

The Diamante Consortium makes for an ecosystem where its members can obtain a line of credit with ease. It provides a first-of-its-kind marketplace for the Gem and Jewelry industry where trade is established through smart contracts. The consortium operates in compliance with Kimberly Certified norms, Anti-money laundering (AML), and USA Patriot Act.

Diamante Blockchain Consortium uses DIAM – its native digital asset – to carry out transactions and trade in its blockchain network.


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