5 Reasons We Need A Corporate Payment Solution For The Diamond Consortium

5 Reasons We Need A Corporate Payment Solution For The Diamond Consortium

The modern business ecosystem requires strong security based payment applications which offer real time settlements for transactions across the globe. The cross border remittances have always been cumbersome with the risk of external hacking and heavy remittance fee structures. The answer to all these problems lies in a one stop corporate payment solution on blockchain which would help the diamond consortium network and other similar ecosystems. The question ‘Why Blockchain’ can be answered easily.

Blockchain is one of the most secured and trusted networks which is completely immutable and democratic in nature. The blockchain network is very transparent. The record keeping system is extremely secured with no chance of external physical attacks on the storage. All records are time stamped and thus cannot be altered or manipulated. The costs of blockchain implementation is lower compared to other centralized programs where the cost gets elevated automatically due to the involvement of an increased volume of infrastructure cost to maintain the same.

What the blockchain powered corporate payment solution does:

  • Operates in multiple countries with multiple currencies and banking endpoints
  • Allows long distance transactions to be settled within seconds
  • It facilitates simultaneous settlement and creation
  • Dispute resolution time minimized
  • Eliminates middlemen from the transacting parties allowing one to one transactions
  • Minimization of costs involved in cross border transactions
  • Extreme transparency in the entire process
  • Security rich network which provides full proof protection against all external attacks

The consolidated corporate payment solution for the diamond business ecosystem is a very appropriate solution for the unified market place. Traders, merchants and retailers involved in the network can use this dedicated corporate payment solution to settle transactions 247. Plus they would have the advantage and protection of a secured blockchain network which would prevent all unauthorized accesses to the diamond network. The corporate payment solution understands the diamond business network and facilitates a solution which empowers the entire diamond business chain.

The most common challenges faced by the industry is resolved by this full proof digital payment processing platform. The risks involved in the process are significantly reduced with the implementation of a blockchain based ecosystem. Presently, the corporate payment solution promises to empower the expanding network of the diamond ecosystem with more customers, retailers, producers, distributors and partners. Presently, this platform is one of the most powerful platforms available in the market which can fully service the diamond business chain.

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