The Top 10 IoT Security Issues Which Are Of Importance In Today’s Tech Industry

The Top 10 IoT Security Issues Which Are Of Importance In Today’s Tech Industry

DThe IoT devices and networks are always under the threat of compromise owing to the very nature of the devices sharing modules and stock security systems. Modern IoT manufacturing companies should take steps to minimize these problems. Image Credit -

In October of the year 2016, an experiment was conducted to expose the vulnerability of social media platforms. The exercise was simple with 300,000 IoT video recorders attacked social media sites and they literally managed to bring down Twitter and other top-ranking social media sites. The exercise was set up to exhibit the basic drawbacks of IoT with poor security blankets!

The same can happen with multiple devices like refrigerators, cameras, laptops, computers, drones, and other electronic devices connected through an internet connection.

IoT still has a number of security challenges to overcome which would make it really competent. There are a lot of security challenges that need to be overcome before one can actually go and call this platform full proof:

Lack of compliance on the part of IoT manufacturers: The new IoT devices and network manufacturers do not take security issues seriously. For example, let us consider fitness trackers along with smart refrigerators and smart fingerprint padlocks. All can mutually compromise each other’s security and offer unwanted access. Thus, the need of the hour is a full proof security system that will mutually safeguard both interests. From the manufacturer's end, there are security risks that arise due to weak, guessable, or heavily coded passwords.

Lack of user knowledge and proper awareness of IoT Device usage: Since IoT is a relatively new technology and thus there could be several compromises from the end of the users which could potentially lead to problems.

IoT Security problems while updating devices security interface: When the software or firmware is not secured, it poses major problems for the security of the device. The network and software updates must specifically cater to the network security requirements to ensure the safety of the device.

Lack of physical hardening: It is true that issues like physical hardening are important since it would safeguard the device against attacks like tampering using USB-like devices. Physical hardening is a must for IoT devices in particular!

Botnet attacks: The botnets are not physical bots but actually a programmed tool designed to attacks and compromises the security of IoT devices. Botnets pose a serious threat to IoT devices.

Industrial espionage: It is one of the oldest and most serious threats. Categorically in the case of IoT devices, it is a major threat. The same threat comes from the end of disloyal employees and professionals who share confidential login information and other data with rivals!

Highjack from hackers: The hijacking software tools like Ransomware can potentially disrupt and block critical IoT networks and seek hefty payouts as a ransom to release the device control.

Data Integrity Risk: The IoT is a platform that always keeps data on the move or goes with a majority of the information being collected from the normal external environment. Most data is collected and forwarded to the cloud and is not encrypted giving easy access to the hackers to collect the data proceeds.

Rogue IoT devices: There are rogue IoT devices that can compromise the security of an entire network by itself getting compromised owing to an external security compromise.

IoT bots being used for Crypto mining: Infected bots being targeted towards IoT devices is a major challenge that comes with the risk of hyper compromising the data security.

The IoT with blockchain integration would be the biggest game-changer of the 21st century. Agree or not, distributed ledgers will be the order of the day and there cannot be a second thought on it.

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