How Storytelling Based Content Marketing Is Changing The Entire Marketing Ecosystem

How Storytelling Based Content Marketing Is Changing The Entire Marketing Ecosystem

Gone are the days of cumbersome content using a bunch of jargons to impress the readers! In 2019 the story is simple – Your brand should tell a story. Indeed it should or else you would not be in a position to directly communicate with your audience. Imagine a marketing campaign where every graphic, tagline, one-liner, and piece of information tells a vivid story. It might be a luxurious holiday destination or an experience while buying a diamond engagement ring from your jewelry store. There can be infinite instances of human behavior and interaction which can be penned down amazing stories. Today’s marketing science deals more with human behavior and human psychology than trying to put something down the consumer’s throat.

The ecosystem of advertising has changed substantially over the past few years. Today, we are in the middle of a uniquely transformative experience. There are two powerful platforms that have brought about this unique and wonderful change in the entire ecosystem. The first would be the power of social media and the second would be the power of mobile smartphones. Let us go back in time; say about a few decades. Simple grayscale advertisements, hoardings and magazine advertisements were to be seen everywhere. Then came the age of Eastman colors followed with the first era of colored advertisements. With time emerged the age of competition! American corporations and companies started working on a massive global campaign to make people addicted to coca-cola, hamburgers and chewing gums. Of course, American sporting giants also made a mark in the markets with brands like Nike making people believe that they could actually do it. With catchy taglines and robust products, American brands made their presence strongly felt across the world.

Then suddenly an era of disruption and open competition arises with the sudden popularity of e-commerce. It all started with a few websites selling products to a niche customer group. That story has become one of the biggest online revolutions of the 21st century! Today, billions of dollars worth business are being conducted across the entire e-commerce market. With the transition of conventional shopping platforms, the modes of advertising also changed significantly. Today, the ads focus more on consumer journeys rather than boasting about your own product. Do you ever see a commercial saying that our vehicles are the best in the market? No. Would a Levis commercial exhibit tacky taglines? No. They would only focus on being subtle and yet convincing through a very meticulous approach to marketing.

How storytelling makes an impact on marketing and advertising?

There are certain definitive impacts which storytelling creates. They are obviously making a very strong impact which would

  • Storytelling creates strong memories for customers
  • Good storytelling sows the seeds of excellent human-level interactions
  • It keeps your audience engrossed with your brand value
  • It reduces the bounce rate from your advertisements keeping your customers for a longer period
  • Storytelling improves conversion ratio of business corporations

Storytelling will reach the next level with advertisers focusing a lot on improving storyboarding. Their efforts will transform the world of digital advertising further with more enriched visual and audible content.

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