Blockchain Use Case Healthcare & Energy Industry

Blockchain Use Case Healthcare & Energy Industry

Blockchain technology itself has several aspects which make it one of the most prominent in the bracket. Healthcare is one such domain where there has been a lot of promise from the blockchain.

From the early days, patient data has been stored in fixed asset storage locations. The legacy silos do not allow instantaneous access of patient information which would otherwise lead to several problems pertaining to data access. There was no feasible solution to this problem with data access and storage remaining extremely vulnerable from all aspects. The ledger-based recording of patient data can provide access to different stakeholders. Thus, it implies that different stakeholders would get access to the same source of truth via a distributed ledger.

The immutable nature of blockchain makes it one of the most powerful and yet most secure platform. With the patient having a dedicated address on the blockchain; all future health-related information would be added to the node dedicated to the patient. This would lead to the creation of a long trail of information for each individual. This ensures easy tracking of data and other patient information for a dedicated identification which is tamper-proof!

Energy Market and blockchain-driven solutions

The energy market has a lot to gain from the blockchain industry. With the widespread adoption of technology, the energy market is all set to be decentralized. The sharing of power and energy through blockchain-backed networks helps in decentralizing the very ecosystem of energy sharing. This is one of the most important and notable applications come achievements for the healthcare industry in recent times. Imagine, renewable recyclable energy being distributed through blockchain-powered networks which would function on the basis of trust and truth. Single energy sources would have accessibility from authorized channels. Here; the truth is energy!

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