The Advancements Series with Ted Danson via CNBC Features Diamante Blockchain

In the exclusive feature, Dinesh Patel, CEO, and the Diamante team provided insights into the company’s unique vision, mission, and approach, and why distributed ledger technology (DLT) is so important for the diamond and luxury goods sectors.

Diamante Blockchain Successfully Conducts POC of PayCircle, the Defi Payments Application

PayCircle’s Proof of Concept saw the participation of bankers and ten heavyweight corporates worldwide, successfully conducting multiple B2B transactions with lightning speed. PayCircle offers a suite of blockchain-based payment solutions designed to make global transactions faster, cheaper, traceable, and more secure.

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IBEX INDIA 2020 - Diamante Blockchain Steals the Show by Winning at the DCB Bank Innovation Carnival

Diamante Blockchain wins big at the DCB Bank Innovation Carnival, held during the International Banking Expo IBEX INDIA 2020. Diamante Blockchain claimed the winner’s position at Innovation Carnival by showcasing its revolutionary blockchain ecosystem in front of the jury members.

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Diamante Blockchain Diversifies Trade in Diamond with Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Diamante Consortium, the global diamond consortium powered by blockchain technology is ready to launch with our native asset, DIAM, to bring trade-in diamonds one step closer to encrypted digitization with an aim to mitigate some of the challenges afflicting the diamond industry.

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Diamante Blockchain Enables Real-Time Payments In Diamond Supply Chain

Diamante’s newest payment solution, PayCircle, aims to address the friction associated with cross-border wire transfers, the traditional payment method upon which industry players rely. The B2B and B2C payments tools wield blockchain to facilitate cross-border transactions in real-time while reducing transaction costs and addressing security and fraud threats.

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Diamante Blockchain Roots Out Blood Diamonds from the World’s Supply Market

Diamante Blockchain provides a B2B payments network for cross-border diamond transactions that seek to address cost challenges and reduce charges between chain participants.

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