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Diamante Net Diamante Net

A 4th-generation, layer-1 blockchain network offering transparency and impeccable security. It enhances the speed, scalability, security, and cost-effectiveness of transactions and dApps.

Diamante Net Diamante Net

PayCircle Diamante Net

A super app for payments, trading, accounting, and banking, built for global businesses and individuals. It allows to custody, send, and receive multi-currency fiat and digital assets, 24/7.

Diamante Consortium Diamante Net

The first-ever consortium for luxury goods and services. Connect through a secure blockchain network to elevate your business in the diamond space.

DIAM Diamante Net

The native digital asset and utility coin, built on the Diamante Net. Provides access to the Diamante ecosystem, plays an anti-spam role, used as transaction fees and facilitates fast, secure and low-cost transactions.

DiamCircle Diamante Net

Leverage the superpower of our network, Diamante Net, and build innovative dApps that cater to the needs of diverse industries.

DIAM Wallet Diamante Net

Backed by the safest layer 1 blockchain networks. Allows users to send, receive and manage DIAMs and other digital assets securely. Includes transfer and swap features making asset management a breeze!

Launching Soon...


Offers loans against users’ crypto assets without requiring them to sell, allowing them to retain ownership and pay back at their convenience at low interest rates.


The ultimate CBDC solution, tailored for central and commercial banks to issue and manage digital currencies, offers bank customers a secure and efficient way to conduct digital payments.


Offers a virtual banking experience in the metaverse, revolutionizing how customers interact with their banks - AI bots & virtual assistants, minimal manual processes, and smart banking solutions.

Token Tool

Facilitates swift creation and distribution of tokens and their properties like name, symbol and total supply, ensuring seamless integration and compatibility within the ecosystem.

Chain X

An innovative cryptocurrency exchange that supports various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, DIAM, etc. Offers robust security and efficient trading for all users.


Serving SMEs and farmers in the textile industries by eliminating the middlemen and hidden costs in the business process.


Boosts business-customer relationships with insights to improve sales, customer service, and analytics. An all-in-one tool for managing customer relationships.


Offers seamless transactions of native and custom tokens within the Diamante network. Guarantees swift and dependable transfers and allows users to manage multiple digital assets via one platform.


Streamlines HR tasks, gathers employee data and improves staff management. Features include time tracking, performance assessment, and compliance support.


A platform for creating and managing NFTs with advanced features like customizable metadata and royalty distribution. Perfect for artists and collectors looking to monetize their digital creations.


A command-line interface to interact with the Diamante network, simplifying minting, account management and asset transactions.


An innovative app for content creators and enthusiasts to share content like memes, thoughts, and more securely in a decentralized environment.

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