Where is Diamante Blockchain located?

Diamante is headquartered in the United States, with a global operations team in key market centers, including New York (business development), Mumbai (industry relationships), and Kolkata (technology). 

What is the size of the market opportunity being addressed by Diamante?

Market opportunity Diamante:  

Diamante has identified the diamond industry as the ripest candidate for disruption and as such, and building on the team’s knowledge and histories, decide to target this area first before expanding to other luxury goods. In addition, the founders of Diamante hail from the diamond industry, and therefore the initial application of the already proven technology would be implemented in the diamond industry. 

Once successfully implemented in the diamond industry, Diamante will expand its operations into multiple industries such as precious metals, commodities, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and other luxury goods with a huge potential to scale its business and revenue streams.    

Market opportunity PayCircle: 

Diamond industry moves funds globally in various corridors in a total of $150-180 billion annually. 

 Diamante is currently working alongside banks to integrate its already proven payments technology. Diamante is currently integrating its workflow system, document transfer system and payment system with the banking and financial institutions. Once successfully implemented within the diamond industry, Diamante would expand its verticals in multiple industries.     

 Market opportunity CreditCircle: 

 More than 90% of Diamonds are cut and polished in India. India being not so lucrative market to get cheaper financing makes the cost of capital higher. Also, private financing within the industry comes at a higher expense. Diamante, with its global platform, would give access to all its consortium members a cheaper financing solution that would in turn help cover the majority of the $80-100 billion industry. 


What problems does Diamante seek to solve, and what solutions is Diamante building to solve them?

Problem 1: Existing Payment Mechanisms are Inefficient

Increasing costs of doing business and depressing consumption growth, which has not been strong enough to absorb excess production, are forcing smaller players throughout the supply chain out of the market. International payment solutions offered by banks and other payment service providers are delayed and expensive in terms of operational and transaction costs.  The small and medium scale companies are charged interest either by the counter companies or private financial institutions that only confirm the payment within 48-72 hours. For the big corporates, it’s the same case as the interest is levied by traditional financial institutions like banks.

Solution 1: Corporate Payments Platform (“PayCircle”)

PayCircle is a decentralized payment application for individuals and businesses. PayCircle allows individuals & businesses to Custody, Send & Receive multi-currency (USD/AUD/CAD/EUR/JPY) Fiat and Digital assets (BTC, ETH, ERC20) based tokens and stable coins like USDT) 24*7 and 365 days. Utilizing blockchain as a technological infrastructure PayCircle allows relatively speedy and low-cost transaction settlements. PayCircle ensures enhanced security of the financial contracts and facilitates contract automation utilizing blockchain immutability. PayCircle forges a bond of reliability through advanced visibility of the transactions while guaranteeing zero payment failure. PayCircle users remain in absolute control of their assets without any interference from any intermediary through complete possession of their private keys within the PayCircle ecosystem.

Problem 2: Lack of Access to Financing  

According to the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB), financing by banks to the global diamond industry shrank by US$3 billion from 2017 to 2018 as banks started to demand greater transparency, higher collateral security, and extensive documentation. Lack of capital leads to reduced cash flow, which is a major problem facing the diamond industry, particularly for diamond traders who must have the capability to hold a large stock of diamonds. The entire diamond pipeline is being compelled to adjust their mode of business and operations as billions of dollars are removed from the industry.

Solution 2: Corporate Finance Platform (“CreditCircle”) 

CreditCircle is a DeFi finance product on Diamante Net. It’s a decentralized finance application where individuals and businesses can opt for receiving loans and credit at a relatively low-interest rate compared to traditional financing.

Users can escrow their stocks, bonds, luxury commodities, and digital assets to avail of financing. CreditCircle enables peer-to-peer (p2p) lending, where individuals and financing institutions from around the world can get access to a large number of customers globally.

One of the biggest problems threatening the diamond industry is the lack of access to financing, which is forcing several players, especially smaller producers, manufacturers, and traders, to adjust their mode of business and operations in order to compete. To solve this, the Diamante platform will offer its members the opportunity to obtain a line credit once approved by the consortium. 

The Diamante consortium platform will allow members to access credit in a number of ways. In the first instance, consortium members will be able to apply for a credit facility directly from Diamante. In addition to Diamante providing credit to consortium members, traditional lenders and credit providers such as banks will be able to access the Diamante platform by paying a platform fee, which will, in turn, allow them to access data and connect with potential borrowers directly. 

Diamante would have two financing options, one being a peer-to-peer (p2p) lending platform, and the other is asset-backed financing.

Members’ credit ratings will be mapped using high-end technical and financial algorithms that will assist the consortium in approving the line of credit to its members. Before issuing the line of credit to the specific consortium member, diamonds would be used as a means of collateral, which would be secured from the individuals seeking the credit.

Diamante has a concept of asset-backed financing where diamonds would be used as an asset that would act as collateral. For example, if a company is in a cash crunch and requires a credit of $1 million, the company would place $2 million worth of diamonds on to a 3rd party safe deposit vault, which would be valued by the Diamante appraisal team. All these transactions would be recorded via smart contracts on to the Diamantes network, i.e., Diamante Net. 

What makes Diamante Blockchain unique?

Dinesh Patel and Chirag Jetani both come from families who lived and breathed gems and jewelry business for generations.

They’ve experienced firsthand how antiquated technology, manual processes, and a lack of information make global trade more challenging and costly.  It’s currently to identify that international businesses must adopt technological innovations to survive, thrive, and grow in the long run.  

Blockchain and DLT are pioneering new technologies that offer global trade solutions from initial contact right through to post-purchase experience

What is Diamante Blockchain’s mission?

Diamante Blockchain’s (Diamante’s) mission is to leverage blockchain technology to create a dedicated, universal ecosystem ensuring full security and establishing concrete trust in trade, payments, financing, and controls.

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