After investing, what is my likely exit strategy, expected return and timeline?

The Diamante team remains focused on taking advantage of the growing market opportunity and building a robust business in order to drive maximum returns for investors in the long term. Building a company for the long term, measured by a number of near-term milestones that will track our growth and progress, will give us options in our exit strategy. By focusing on building a company that is an attractive, robust investment target to potential acquirers in the future, we will maximize flexibility and optionality so that, at the right time, we can pursue the exit strategy that achieves the highest returns for investors at the time.  

  With respect to the Equity Financing, prospective investors should be prepared to hold the Diamante Equity Securities for a period of at least 5 -8 years. In terms of exit, Diamante hopes to be in a position to execute a variety of potential exit strategies, including being acquired through a merger, acquisition or similar transaction, and/or execution of an initial public offering.  

 Diamante will be an attractive investment target for large competitors in the financial services space (e.g., banks, payment processors, and credit providers). The company will also be a strategic investment for large technology companies with complementary service offerings 

(e.g., IBM’s complementary service, TrustChain, which uses blockchain technology to track diamonds through the supply chain). Finally, the company will also be an attractive investment target for large players in the diamond industry (e.g., De Beers Group, which has also launched a diamond supply chain product, Tracr, powered by blockchain technology).

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