Diamante: Offering the Most Incredible Layer 1 Blockchain Network

Experience one of the most scalable, fastest, and low-cost layer 1 hybrid blockchain networks, Diamante Net, with seamless interoperability. 

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Diamante Net

The foundation of our digital economy. Integrate the open-source Diamante Net to empower your business and innovation.


The digital asset for our digital future. DIAM is fast, reliable, and global. It’s the currency of the Diamante dApps.


Explore the impossibilities, build innovative dApps, and transform your ideas into realities.


No need to jump on different platforms. Enjoy payments, crypto trading, accounting and banking, and other services on our super platform. 


Don’t sell your precious digital assets. Just lend them, while retaining the ownership, and enjoy the DeFi revolution with CreditCircle.


An ultimate CBDC solution, offering the option to seamlessly issue and manage digital currencies to central and commercial banks.


Enhance your banking experience with our stimulating metaverse space—an easy way to manage your digital assets and leverage banking services.


A platform dedicated to serving SMEs and farmers in the textile industries by eliminating the middlemen and hidden costs in the business process.

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About Diamante

Building an innovative ecosystem to upscale everything. Learn about Diamante, DIAM, dApps, and more to start using Diamante applications.

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Build scalable dApps on the Diamante Net seamlessly. Learn more about our technology and other dApps.



Get all the power to revolutionize your business. Want some customized solutions? Get in touch with us.

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